Please try the second version. It's better.

This is a little calligraphy nib ladder/line generator I wrote in postscript and php. I put up here to see if anyone else is interested. I didn't put a lot of error checking routines in yet, so I'm sure it's possible to generate something completely useless. I think the fields are self explanatory. I'm interested in feedback. If you think it's useful and would like to see some enhancements, send me an e-mail
Calligraphy Style (will be used as filename)
Vertical (Angled) Lineson   off
Spacing between verticals (nib widths, see image below)
Angle of Vertical Lines (see image below)degrees
Nib Width (in millimeters)mm
Ascender Height in Nib Widths
Capital Line in Nib Widths
X-Height in Nib Widths
Descender Height in Nib Widths
Whitespace between sets of lines (nib widths)
Horizontal Line Color (unused as yet)
Vertical (Angled) Line Color